Winners, losers

To the Journal editor:

In a recent article in The Mining Journal, Jackie Stark extolls the increasing improvement of women’s status in the workplace and the vision of women gaining parity with men there. Nothing is said in regards to how this inequality occurred in the first place.

Going back thousands of years, it was recognized that men were physically superior to women and thus better equipped to find and kill animals for food. It was also recognized that women were unique in their ability to produce offspring and nurture their physical growth. So while the men were away hunting, the women assumed a dominate role of education and discipline of the child.

A woman alone, attempting to be both provider and teacher is more likely to be a failure in the latter. In places like Detroit, Chicago, and Oakland the local gangs provide the moral compass for the young man.

This direction once started seems unlikely to change when the tired mother gets home from work or for the school system to alter. Nor can we expect that children exposed to hours of mayhem on TV are suddenly apt to evolve into models of ethical behavior.

A concerned mother or father on the spot is in my belief the best solution. So instead of sitting on the sideline cheering for women and their gains maybe some thought should be given to the ultimate losers – her children.

T.J. Mudge