Mine monthly reports available

MARQUETTE – The Superior Watershed Partnership has begun producing easy-to-read monthly reports on the Community Environmental Monitoring Program for the Eagle Mine.

In 2012, the independent community environmental monitoring program for the Eagle Mine, Humboldt Mill and associated transportation routes was created.

The Superior Watershed Partnership conducts the monitoring and reports back to the community, while the Marquette County Community Foundation ensures that the program’s funding is at arm’s length. The Eagle Mine has committed to provide $300,000 each year to the program through 2015.

Natasha Koss, partnership outreach coordinator for the program, said the new reports provide summaries of program related activities, any key findings and outreach events.

“Since early 2013 the SWP has provided monitoring data to the public and now data can be viewed in a simpler format,” Koss said.

The summaries will be posted on the CEMP website at www.cempmonitoring.com and sent via email through the CEMP email list.

“Each summary will highlight monitoring activities and results for the mine, Humboldt mill and the transportation route,” Koss said. “A convenient pie chart illustrates monitoring time spent by category. And finally, a key component to the program, outreach, will also be highlighted including any public meetings and social media updates provided.”

Monitoring for the mine, mill and route includes a range of features including air quality, groundwater, surface water, wildlife, plants.

In May, air quality monitoring was conducted at the Big Bay air station and Humboldt Mill. Effluent from the wastewater treatment plant at the mine was monitored prior to discharge to the Treated Water Infiltration System and the mine’s permit-required monitoring of frog, toad and bird populations near the mine and mill was verified.

Koss said all of the collected data is shared with the public and community input is encouraged.

For more information or to view the new monthly summaries visit www.cempmonitoring.com. To sign up for the CEMP email list, go to the website and scroll to the bottom “submit email” box.

John Pepin can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 206. His email address is jpepin@miningjournal.net.