Backs conservatives

To the Journal editor:

After reading the most recent political party letters to the editor, I can really say I’m glad I am a conservative-independent voter.

Both parties blame each other, spreading hot air all over. No wonder we think there might be global warming. The Republicans want to stop spending and the liberals want to spend us into oblivion.

Why can’t we all be a little more reasonable and think about what is best for our country instead of our personal wants.

Let’s all be honest with each other and do what is really right. The news media reports only what it feels is in their best interest. Fox is mainly conservative and NBC, CBS, ABC and for sure MSNBC are all liberal.

I can say I believe Fox is the most truthful of the bunch. The liberals are always telling only half truths; Benghazi (is an) example.

Neither party is perfect and never will be, that’s why we are a country of checks and balances. We need to stop bickering between which one is better and start working together for the good of the country. We in the U.S. need for our country to be respected again and not thought of as a bunch of weaklings.

I truly think that most of today’s politicians, especially Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, have forgotten what the word ethic means. They don’t seem to have any at all.

Maybe in the next election we should put parties aside and vote for our Country and its future.