Get on board

To the Journal editor:

I’ve got to concur with Joe Boogren about the K.I. Sawyer Alliance group doing good things and trying to get local residents involved.

Any movement to the betterment is a good thing, but the caveat is that you have to have “the guys” on board for anything good to happen and I don’t see that happening.

By “the guys” I mean Marquette, Forsyth Township and the landlords. It just won’t happen.

We are what Cabreni Green was to Chicago. We get minimal service and when we do, it seems like with disdain.

If there was some sort of systemic detriment going on that would compromise the health of your body, would you want to know? Would you say to your doctor, hey, I don’t want to hear that because you know that’s what it is?

My pointing out what it is, is not what the trouble out here is and if you don’t live here, how could you really know? You can’t.

My letters don’t make the cancer, it just points out where it lies and this troubles many to the point of retribution.

I’ve been libeled, slandered, harassed, vandalized and called names, all because I won’t play ball and embrace the status quo. What is so hard to see and do? Sweep the sidewalks, fix the potholes and curbs. Fix what the county broke. Try pushing a stroller down the sidewalk on Scorpion, it has 14 years of sand on it along with all the streets.

I took a ride down Elm and Spruce streets in Gwinn and those folks must know someone, they’re neat.


K.I. Sawyer