Hancock kids help land trust

HANCOCK – Students from Hancock Central High School will be helping nature lovers rest a little easier at some of the Keweenaw Land Trust’s preserves.

Gary Mishica’s advanced industrial technology class designed and fabricated 10 benches for the Keweenaw Land Trust, which will place them at its Boston Pond and Paavola Wetland preserves. Those areas are having improvements done for their parking areas, trails, informational kiosks, and some viewing platforms.

Mishica says the class looks for a community-minded project each year.

“This year, the Keweenaw Land Trust came to us and said, ‘Could you help us with the building of our benches?’ I said, ‘Sure, we’d be glad to help you out,'” Mishica said.

The KLT works with local schools through the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, said its executive director, Evan McDonald. It had already worked with students from the middle and high school for the Paavola Wetland Preserve, for which Mishica’s wood shop class made some wayfinding signs.

McDonald hopes there are more opportunities to work with the class in the future.