Red scores win over Smashing Pumpkins, Athletic Heathers and Lime draw in U14 coed play

MARQUETTE – The Red team scored a decisive victory while the Athletic Heathers and Lime team played to a draw on June 4 in the Under-14 coed division of the Superiorland Soccer Association.

Red downed the Smashing Pumpkins 10-2 as the winners’ Trent Sweeney scored four goals, Desirae Fernandes added three, Nathan Ostlund pumped in two and Andrew Olender had one. Karsten Kamps accounted for both of the Pumpkins’ tallies. The Heathers and Lime played to a 1-1 tie as Athletic’s Cooper Smith and the green-tinged squad’s Loegun Berthiaume had goals.

Reports weren’t available for the Cardinal Cardinals-Royals and Gold-Kelly games.

U10 girls

These are scorers from recent action:

Pink Panther Explosion vs. Pink Fireworks: Natalie Beaudry, Hailey Ridolphi and Madison Spencer

Blue Champions vs. Ash: Emma Sanderson-Torres, Ellasyn Jones and Aydan Witting

U8 girls

Scoring in the division were:

Gray Gazelles: Teddi Hubert, Alyson McCarthy and Anabel Ollila.

Pink Flamingos: Ella Mason, Izabella Bell, Anna Hennings, Sydney Osborne and Kendra Schwemin.

Blue Jays: Callie Tonella.

Orange Crush: Sarah Chu and Taryn Koepp.

Pink Ninjas: Jessica Gooch and Allison Hyde.

U6 girls

Scorers from the week of June 2:

The Butterflies: Isla Engstrom, Emilee Marier, Keira Heino and Aili Menard

Red Strawberry Red Wings: Aubree Blackburn and Brianna MacFalda

The Blue Waves: Ida Larsen, Ruby Burridge and Hadlee Harr

Yellow: Ava Allan, Alexis Marr and Emily Burdick

Pink Flamingos: Elise Busick, Brooke Beck, Kaitlyn Fleegel, Alyssa Johnson and Laila Sarka