O’Dovero, Newman score first Marquette BMX wins

MARQUETTE – On the first Tuesday race of the year, two riders picked up their first wins in competition held June 3 at the Marquette BMX track.

Braydon O’Dovero in the 5 and Under Novice class and James Newman in the 7 Novice class notched victories.

Results are as follows:

4 Strider: Jade Lee and Connor Devonshire.

5 and Under Novice: Braydon O’Dovero, Travis Link and Talon Goodwin.

7 Novice: James Newman, Mason Aldrich and Isaac Beauchane.

8 Novice: Keegan Black, Brayden Burnette and Bodhi White.

13 Novice: Nicole Keller, Truman Durand and Amiya Trombley.

7 Intermediate: Luke Menard, Samuel Dehlin and Ava Stern.

9 Intermediate: Chase Waters, Alexander Curry and Ashlan Hanson.

15 Expert: Alex Niemi, Andrew Niemi and Noah Lajoie.

19-27 Expert: Michael Noble, Emma Niemi and David Niemi.

13 and Under Pit Bike: Noah Lajoie, Amiya Trombley and Chase Waters.

On June 5, Truman Durand in the 12 novice class and Kaden Ruokola in the 4 strider class both earned their first wins.

Results from June 5 races are as follows:

4 Strider: Kaden Ruokola, Story Worth.

26-30 Cruiser: Caleb Schuiling, Jon Spencer, Dave Hoban.

5 and Under Novice: Austin LaCosse, Luc Gervais, Braydon O’Dovero.

7 Novice: Mason Aldrich, James Newman, Riley Hoban.

9 Novice: T J Magnuson, Ashlan Hanson, Brayden Burnette.

12 Novice: Truman Durand, Amiya Trombley, Lizzie Niemi.

19-27 Novice: Caleb Schuiling, Brody Merrick, David Niemi.

7 Intermediate: Luke Menard, Samuel Dehlin, Cade Kruhak.

9 Intermediate: Chase Waters, Alexander Curry, Lucas Basal.

13 Intermediate: Van Ouellette-Ballas, Noah Lajoie, Andrew Niemi.

17-18 Intermediate: Michael Noble, Forest Luke, Alex Niemi.