Shame on us

To the Journal editor:

Good Lord in heaven, is there nothing, nothing that our so-called representatives in Washington can agree on and see as good for the country as a whole anymore? On May 31, Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. Army captive of the Taliban for the past five years, was released to U.S. forces in Afghanistan and in less than 24 hours this joyous event had been turned into a noxious political football.

Something which could and should be celebrated unanimously by all Americans for its humanitarian impact, even if only on the Bergdahl family, has been disgustingly co-opted by rank politicians, namely and for example, Rep. McKeon of California and Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma for pure, partisan, political purposes.

What easily should and could be a reason for all Americans, no matter how politically jaded, to rejoice and commemorate as one unanimous and grateful community is seen and being used by these two and othere in Washington as just another convenient vehicle to tear us apart.

Shame, shame on them and shame, shame on us for allowing them to do it!