Backs Benishek

To the Journal editor:

As a Veterans Affairs doctor for over 20 years in Iron Mountain, U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, is all-too-familiar with the unique issues our veterans face.

As a member of Congress, Dr. Benishek has been a champion for our veterans, representing a district with a large veteran population.

Dr. Benishek is a member of the Veterans Affairs subcommittee on oversight, and when the story broke that over 40 veterans died waiting for treatment in Arizona, he demanded the resignation of the VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. Obama offered a statement in support of Shinseki, yet still demanding accountability, which Benishek characterized as “too little, too late.”

Finally, Shinseki resigned, and President Obama said he accepted Shineki’s resignation with “regret.”

I can only hope that Obama also regrets the treatment of our nation’s heroes. While Shinseki’s resignation is a good first step, veterans like myself still have a lot of questions that need answering.

I agree with Dr. Benishek, who said after Shinseki resigned that it “still does not solve the problems at the VA.” Benishek has voted to deny senior VA officials bonuses. He has also cosponsored legislation to help reduce the backlog of veterans applying for disability benefits, demanding that those who serve our country aren’t relegated to waiting for bureaucracy to receive the benefits they deserve.

Those who have served our country deserve to be treated in a manner consistent with their honor and sacrifice, and Dr. Benishek has consistently been a steadfast supporter of these heroes. Veterans are well-represented with Benishek as our congressman.


U.S. Navy