Watch out for scam

To the Journal editor:

This letter is addressed to all residents of Marquette County. Please be on high alert for phony (computer) technician phone scams. In the past few weeks, there has been a major increase with this type of activity in our area.

The scam is easy to define. The foreign adviser will claim he is a (Corporate) representative, offering you solutions for your computer issues or offering to sell you protection you don’t need.

Getting control of your computer is his No. 1 goal. Don’t let him do this. Don’t believe a word he says. It’s all part of his script, a ploy to get your digital identity, and to get financial gain from you. It’s all a scam.

Microsoft would never call you under any circumstance about anything, ever! This goes the same with USPS, UPS and other major carrier services.

They don’t do this. It isn’t their business practice or policy to contact end-users about issues and it never will be! Marquette residents, as well as people around the world, are becoming victims of these types of phone scams.

In this new digital era of connectedness and digital-sharing ways, cybercriminals are trying new, desperate tactics to get you emotionally involved with fake, ungrounded computer virus and malware issues.

Some people lack the expertise to spot a fake, and they begin to follow whatever the adviser tells them to do. In fact, people sometimes purchase these services (which they don’t need) without getting professional advice.

As a computer consultant with 21 years of experience, I’ve heard more complaints in the past few weeks from my clients receiving these kinds of phone call scams. I’m concerned that this scam’s going on at an even higher level in Marquette County.

My desire is to alert the public, getting people to think logically and carefully about why someone would be calling you in the first place, and to hang up on them immediately. If they persist to bother you or call a second time, threaten them with local law enforcement action.

One success is to take action; the other is to do the right thing. Don’t listen. Just say “no thanks.” Leave them high and dry. Do the right thing.