Sands racing action resumes

SANDS – Competition at Sands Speedway continued Saturday with the following results:

Fastest Times: Purestock, Collin Cavin, 18.055; Modifieds, Todd Maki, 17.233; Superstock, Ross Olsen, Sr., 16.253; Late Models, Darryl Britton, 14.923.

Purestock Heat: Kyle McMahon, Collin Cavin and Joe Holm.

Purestock Feature: Kyle McMahon, Collin Cavin and Brandon Strohm.

Modifieds Heat: Jeremy Yelle, , Todd Maki and Wyatt Goodwin

Modifieds Feature: Jeremy Yelle, Ross Olsen, Jr., and Todd Maki.

Super Stock Heat 1: Shane Miller, Stu Maki and Jeff Solomon.

Super Stock Heat 2: Steve Pepin, Stan Wittle and Ray Keskimaki.

Super Stock Feature: Shane Miller,Ray Keskimaki and Stan Wittler.

Late Model Heat: Jason Stanaway, Rob Goodwin and Mike Mattson.

Late Model Feature: Rob Goodwin, Darryl Britton and Jason Stanaway.

Action resumes again this Saturday with time trials at 3 p.m. followed by racing at 5 p.m. June 14 is the track’s Veteran’s Appreciation day.