Exceptional service

To the Journal editor:

Spring has again found our group of Ishpeming Lions on our perennial trek from the east to the west side of town, harvesting the crop of winter debris left by travelers on our stretch of U.S. 41.

Paul Bonetti and Jim Manty accompany me as we start on the stretch from McDonalds to Da Yoopers discussing progress at the Eagle Mine where Jim works, and the business potential of downtown Ishpeming as it goes through this current round of revitalization and infrastructure improvement.

Paul spent his working career bringing the Congress Pizza to fruition as a quintessential community gathering place for Ishpeming families by honoring our children with all of their accolades on the walls for generations.

Layers of community building wisdom embody his very being, but who would know this without knowing him?

Our members typically have small town career credentials and insight, but we also all carry a desire to serve our community, and we all draw inspiration and education from each other.

We do great things with our lives, even if they are great in a small town sort of way. We enjoy, support and respect each other and we learn from each other’s life examples.

Our club represents a quiet yet deep tradition of service primarily to our local community, but also as part of the largest service organization in the world, Lions Club International.

Our presence is found on the frontlines of global need, often the first on the scene of a natural disaster, or as a steady partner for the blind around the world, all done by volunteers throughout the entire organizational structure of the club.

The Lions represent and are represented by people committing themselves to their community and to humanity as a whole. I would recommend this type of commitment to anyone who feels ready to make their world a little better.

Join a service club in your town and take the next step in your and our mutual conscious decision to become a better people and make a better world.

Dan Perkins, president

Ishpeming Lions Club