Keep eye on UN

To the Journal editor:

Democracies enemies “hope” the left “changes” America’s democratic political structure, creating a governmental controlled socialistic system by capturing both houses in 2014 via mainstream medias false assertions and allegations, including racism, against conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers.

Democracies enemy’s agenda: Create a dictatorial controlled socialistic state that’ll authorize United Nations unilateral governance over a confederation of Nations, including America, defined within UN “One World Order Plans” mirroring European Socialistic governments.

Democracies enemy’s goals: Bankrupt America through uncontrolled barrowing and spending, corrupting our democratic voting process, elevate drug addiction, disarm law abiding citizens, and create racial/class warfare, dividing our Nation to invoke Obama’s dictatorial Marshal Law before 2016.

Obama’s entitlement programs, environmental, economic, immigration, and socialized heathcare intentionally increases unemployment, kills jobs, authorizes illegal governmental intrusions, and advances total governmental control over Americas new majority, welfare recipients.

Obama’s socialistic ideologies and philosophies expanded entitlement programs, increased/created new taxes, assures the non-working majority government handouts will continue via socialistic wealth redistribution strategies.

Democracies enemies intentionally weakened border securities, rewards foreign criminals via social entitlement and education programs for violating U.S. immigration laws.

Liberal justices advance attacks upon Americas morals, ethics, and social norms. Detest individualism, personal responsibility/accountability, positive work ethics, traditional marriages, freedom of speach and religion, and citizens rights to bear arms.

Democracies enemies finance eco terrorists attacks on our transportation, agriculture, foresty, mining, fossil fuels, and manufacturing industries through bought and paid for political puppets controlled by bureaucrats, wall street elitests, domestic and international unions.

Our declining economies directly related to government taxing jobs out of America, advancing UN “Universal Equality” strategies via “Universal Wealth Redistribution” strategies indentified with UN “One World Order Plans.”

Democracies enemies want our judiciary systems regulated by a “World Court” once America eneters the UN’s “Small Arms Treaty” which is directly linked to “Presidential Executive Orders” including Obama’s enactment of Marshall Law during peace time, March 16, 2012, within National Defense Readiness policies.

America’s enemies applauded America’s crippled international powers and authority when Obama apologized to our Islamic enemies, denouncing our allies, devastated America’s credit rating, and crippled National Defence by gutting our defense budget and military personnel numbers.

Wake-up America, democracies enemies are here. Our freedoms, liberties, and our Nation’s sovereignty is being attacked by socialistic thinking liberals/progressives.

Ray Wickstrom