Demolition men

MARQUETTE – The Cinder Pond Marina service building has been demolished, the casualty of a particularly cold and harsh winter.

The structure was taken down Wednesday as part of an ongoing project to plan for a new facility.

Cinder Pond provides fuel, launching, docking, and other support services for seasonal and transient recreational boaters.

A large crack was discovered on the outside of an exterior wall on the southwest corner of the marina building on March 12. The extreme frost level caused by cold-weather conditions caused the foundation to fail, city officials said.

The crack wasn’t the only damage noted in the 20-year-old building. Discovered were cracks in the cement floor between the women’s restroom and boater lounge and cracks in the drywall in the boater lounge ceiling.

Following the damage, the Marquette City Commission took steps to prepare for the boating season. The first of a two-phase project calls for temporary facilities that include showers and restrooms.

The second phase involves construction of a new facility.

Earlier this year, the commission approved a bid from JP Electrical Professionals Inc. of Marquette for $67,280 to reroute electrical service at the marina, a necessary task due to the building’s condemnation.

JP Electrical is to reroute the utilities to maintain electrical service to the piers and pump-out and fuel systems after the structure’s demolition is complete.

The estimated cost of Phase I of the project is $158,125 while the second phase’s estimated cost is $945,000. The proposed plan indicates this approach would result in a new building being completed by 2016.

Mayor Pro Tem Fred Stonehouse watched the demolition Wednesday, noting it took a full day to take down the facility.

“The city recognizes the importance of Cinder Pond Marina being up and running and fully functional, and is taking every measure possible to accomplish that goal,” Stonehouse said.

He pointed out infrastructure such as the water system was located under the building, so much work had to be completed before the demolition for safety reasons.

Because of the lingering Lake Superior ice, Cinder Pond Marina, as well as the Presque Isle Marina, had been closed until further notice, according to a city announcement. However, city staff said the goal for both marinas is to have launching and docking facilities open by Sunday, pending weather conditions.

That would include temporary trailers with toilet and shower facilities at Cinder Pond.

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