Alliance committed

To the Journal editor:

I would like to applaud The Mining Journal’s recent article on the “Sawyer Alliance” and the amazing things this group continues to do for the benefit of its community and, by direct extension, our county.

The Sawyer Community has received a great deal of bad publicity, much of it admittedly justifiable, over the years. What has been less heralded are the concerted efforts of residents and partners (Forsyth Township, local businesses and Sawyer industry, charitable groups, etcetera) to establish a true sense of community and bring that community’s self vision to fruition. They have achieved the former, and the projects and volunteerism you highlighted underscore their commitment to the latter.

Whether small town or inner city, neighborhood and community erosion happens one person, one home, one block at a time. “Goodness” happens in the same fashion. Not all is sweetness and light at Sawyer (is it where you live?), but it is well past the time to cease painting Sawyer residents with one negative brush. The Sawyer Alliance is a driven and committed group, richly deserving of esteem and respect, as are the majority of Sawyer residents.