Aldrich, King lead Royals to win in U12 SSA action

MARQUETTE – The Royals edged the Orange Crush 3-2 in a Under-12 girls game in the Superiorland Soccer Association the week of May 19.

Chloe Aldrich and Julia King scored for the winners, while May Waters had both goals for the Crush.

The Red Hots outscored Team #1, 6-2, as Breanne Sandstrom, Mara Anderson, Averie Kelly and Halle Leuzzo had goals for the Red Hots.

In addition, Team #6 shut out Team #3 with goals for the 6ers by Clare Hogan, Jacey Johnson, Ashley Kirk, Delaney Nye, Alyssa Premeau, Hannah Premeau and Alena Holand.

U10 girls soccer

Goal scorers for the week of May 19 are:

Yellowjackets vs. Royal Champions: Emily Gauthier, Jordan Enright, Romy Kus, Addie Ollila.

Red Explosion vs. Pink Fire Works: Alexis Adams, Hannah Bleckiner.

Team 1 vs. Team 2: not reported.

U8 co-ed soccer

Goal scorers for the most recent contests were as follows:

Pink Panthers: Jack Way, Abby Pieper, Samuel Way and Nick Wedin.

Hulkinators: Braylon Monnett, Kainoa Lacar and Tysen Benz.

Orange Crushers: Kali Grengs and Luke Menard.

Lightning Sharks: Althea Bruggink, Kyler Sager, Ian Sheltrow, Easton Zivnoska and Kody Moyer.

Blue Supersonics: Cameron Rector and Cody Struck.

Red Team: Copper Keough.

Sand: Andrew DesPerois, Anthony Petrocik and Lucas Taylor.

Team Ash: Eli Havel, Kutler Braun, Caleb Janofski, and Talon Smith.

Sapphire: Preston Peterson.

U8 girls soccer

Scoring in the division were:

Gray Gazelles: Ellarie Thierry.

Pink Flamingos: Ella Mason, Izabella Bell, Anna Hennings, Sydney Osborne and Kendra Schwemin.

Red Dragons: Kyley Elmblad and Kaylen Wallner.

Orange Sherbert: Leah Gobert, Taryn Koepp and Giana Rowe.

Pink Ninjas: Abigail Burke, Isabella Forslund and Jessica Gooch.

SSA U-6 girls

Goal scorers in the division were:

Blue Jays: Elisa Malherbe, Autumn Gouldman, Logan McFarren and Beira Lawrence.

Yellow: Ava Allan, Olive Krueger and Alexis Marr.

The Butterflies: Emilee Marier, Keira Heino and Isla Engstrom.

The Bluewaves: Ida Larsen, Ruby Burridge, Hadlee Harr and Ruby Moe.

Pink Ponies: Elle DeBolt. Jacie Tuljus, Maris Kulbieda and Tasha Valenti.

Red Strawberry Red Wings: Addison Sager, Brianna MacFalda, Raelynn Wolf and Aubree Blackburn.

U6 co-ed soccer

Goal scorers in the division were:

Neon Pink, Bjorn Anderson, Brady Audette and Mason Lautenschlager.

Green Lightning: Sophia Skytta, Devin Fortin, Evan Skellenger and Cole Trosien.

Red Hot Lava: Charlie Hrodey, Kailyn Tadiello and Trent Sadler.

Blue Thunder: Ben Kuhl, Victor Koren and Ryan Burbey.

Lightning Sharks: Gus Hummell, Tino Weiger, Georgia Hummell and Bria Larson.

Pink Panthers: Wiley Steeland, Kane Bush, Brody Sheldon and Peter Argeropoulus.

Sangria: Chloe Jackson, Kyle Moyer, Olivia Stade, Easton Aho and Tyler Hendrickson.

Orange Fire: Luke Trudeau and Riley Sanville.

The Rockets: Jacob Ridl and Julian Labonte.

Blue Lightning: Ryker Paulsen, Logan Paulsen and Rayna Makela.

Greywolves: Finnegan Stiles, Drew Erickson, Cowan Stiles, James Goodwin, Henrik Larson and Sevrin Swanson.

Kelly: Seth Sandstrom, Lotus Klipp and Jillian Star.