Mafia still exists

To the Journal editor:

At one time there was a serious Mafia in the U.S. (and maybe there still is). They made all of their millions by extorting businesses and people.

They would tell them that if they did not comply and pay, they (the victims) might have very bad things happen to them and their businesses.

They (the Mafia) made their own rules and took as much money as they possibly could from the businesses and the people.

They partied and blew money anyway they wanted and whenever they wanted i.e.: parties, booze, trips, jewelry all at the expense of the people and their businesses.

No one could tell them how much pay they should or could receive how much they could spend on whatever they wanted including elaborate offices, houses, etc.

In other words, with no restrictions they took and spent what they wanted of the people’s hard earned money.

There is only one other organization that can do this today legally. I would imagine you know by now who and what that organization is; I will give you a hint.

The word starts with a capital G.

Robert L. Clark