Dems off base

To the Journal editor:

I would like to tell you what the Democrats have given us in the past eight years they have been in charge of Congress.

We now have to pay for what we watch on television because they wanted everything in digital and you can not use an antenna any more. You get to pay more for your food and gasoline because they don’t want to pass the Keystone pipeline project.

They are closing all the coal mines because they put stronger regulations on the companies using coal. They helped making the electricity cost go up because of closing down the coal plants used to make electricity.

They made the light bulb companies go out of business so you can pay more for the lights you use now. They made the cost of medical insurance go up and also to loose your doctor if you like him or her. I am so glad that you people like to keep these people in power so all of the people suffer.

The Democrats say they want to help the middle class and poor but are putting them further down. They have more people in poverty now then ever before. They have more people on welfare than ever before.

They have raised the debt more in five years than the past presidents altogether, seven trillion dollars in five years and still climbing. I can not stand any more of their help. I would like to have a good life again.

If you think they are done you are wrong because now they want to close more factories for environmental violations. If won’t stop there either.

How many jobs will you let them move out of our country because they want to save the environment that seems we as a country are they only ones concerned. It is time to get the jobs back and stop the Democrats from destroying this nation any more.