Supports teachers

To the Journal editor:

I wonder how many people making major decisions in others lives can do so without walking in their shoes.

I think we’re sympathetic to the way others live or abilities they have.

But what is happening in our school systems in our state is an embarrassment to all of us.

Most of the teachers I encounter are good people who do their best to keep a classroom running and help students.

Most I know didn’t go through four years of college with continued education each year to keep their license/certificates just to have the summers off.

Most teachers enjoy their job and feel they make a difference in young people’s lives. After volunteering in my children’s classrooms throughout the years, I have a deep respect for teachers. Teachers know their students and care how things are going at their homes. They can’t be a parent, but can be a sounding board and a caring adult in their lives.

Teachers are amazing. Controlling a classroom of 20 or 30 and then having the patience to guide and enhance those children is a true achievement.

And they do it on a daily basis.

To start measuring their achievement based on situations that are different in all parts of our State is almost comical to me.

Schools in the cities and small towns are all the same in that they are full of beautiful children looking for a future.

But until you have visited those classrooms and watched those amazing teachers do what they do on a daily basis, we shouldn’t judge.

To run our schools like a business is ridiculous. These are our young people.

They need guidance and kindness. Smiles and love. Hope and empathy.

We’re all born into some family, some luckier than others, but I do believe that I could be any of the people that I come into contact with every day.

Money is tight, really?

The money we do have should be invested in the education of our wonderful students in the state of Michigan, they are our future.

My question to our governor is, “Have you or any of your staff spent time in any of classrooms in your community?”

Maybe if you take the time to do that, you’ll be enlightened enough to change some of the decisions that are hurting our state’s schools.