Love those Yoopers

To the Journal editor:

I was just done shopping … and as always, good service. My husband was waiting for me, resting in our car. We were on our way to our daughter in Huron Woods. The car was silent as a doorknob when my husband tried to start it! Oh no!

He is good at fixing things, but knows nothing about cars. Well, I told him to relax and I would go for help!

Help, he said. Where? So I started walking north and ended up at the nearest supermarket and don’t you think I picked the right place? You bet!

The supervisor there said I think we have a man here who is the right person to help your stranded husband! And voila, there a pleasant young man came with his truck and hooked up the starter cables and our started right up!

I have said it before and I say it again! The Yoopers are marvelous.