Hancock Rotary Club recognizes honor students

HANCOCK – Local high school students may be attending many events and activities leading up to and after graduation, and one of the first of those events was a program recognizing senior honor students from Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools and Hancock Public Schools.

At a luncheon for the students at the Finlandia University Finnish American Heritage Center in Hancock, Hancock Rotary President Lisa McKenzie said Hancock Rotary has been conducting the luncheon for the honor students for more than 20 years.

“It’s a way to introduce Rotary to them,” she said.

However, McKenzie said some of the students were members of Interact, which is the high school version of Rotary.

Getting the awards ceremony started was Monica Healy, Hancock Public Schools superintendent, who said she has been involved with the recognition of the honor students for years.

“As a Rotarian, it’s one of my favorite things,” she said.

Healy said the students have been busy during their last year of high school, and she urged them to pay attention to everything they’ll be doing up to and after graduation.