Social media overload hard to avoid

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how many social medaia choices are out there. It seems like there’s new one popping up every month, but it fades away quickly.

When I was growing up, email was just starting to get popular. I got my first email account when I was 13-years-old and mostly used it to send myself homework, so I could work on it both at home and school. Eventually, my email became a way for me to instant message my friends through MSN Messenger, and that was my first taste of social media.

Not too long after that, MySpace popped up and became very popular, even though it was kind of a horrible website. I used MySpace up until I went to college and learned about Facebook. MySpace was just like any other social media: It was constantly getting tweaked until people had enough. The only good thing that came out of MySpace for me was that I learned a lot of HyperText Markup Language, which definitely makes things a lot easier for me today.

As a lot of people know, Facebook started out as a social media site only for college students, but by the time I had gotten an account it had already developed to a social media outlet for everyone. Though Facebook is still used quite frequently by billions of people, I feel myself using it less and less. Whether it’s because I’m bored with it or annoyed by the constant tweaking, I don’t know. I think the best part about Facebook is the event pages as well as many business pages.

Facebook allows businesses to create a page on which many things can be posted; like menus for restaurants. This is helpful to the businesses just starting up that don’t quite have a website ready to be launched, which I find extremely useful for new restaurants opening. The event pages are also nice because I’ll get a reminder on my phone the day before an event I want to attend to remind me that it’s coming and they allow me to stay in contact with the host or others attending.

There are a million other reasons why Facebook is great, but there is one thing about this social media website that I can’t stand: Game requests. I probably get about five requests each day for some new game on Facebook and it definitely gets annoying, but luckily I can block them.

Another major social media site is Twitter. I’ve met a lot of people that don’t really understand the need for Twitter and don’t use it, but Twitter for me is great. I use Twitter to get news about my favorite sports teams ranging from professional to college to high school. It’s great for getting updates on scores as well. I also follow a lot of news organizations like CNN, The Associated Press and USA Today. Those Twitter feeds keep me updated on breaking news stories as well as continuing stories. I find Twitter more useful these days than Facebook.

There are also a lot of other social media sites and apps out there and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. There’s Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Pinterest. Now, I’ve tried every one of these and only found Pinterest useful to me.

Obviously Instagram is very popular and Snapchat is growing too, but I just think that they are fads that will eventually pass just like parachute pants and neon windbreakers did. Then something new will come along.

Editor’s note: Recent Northern Michigan University graduate and Mining Journal photo journalist Adelle Whitefoot can be reached at 906-228-2500. Her email address is