Honor the dead

To the Journal editor:

Here we are into May. Most of the snow is gone and lots of ice on Lake Superior yet. Could be a short summer.

But with the latest news about all the tornadoes and floods in the southern U.S., it’s still not bad in the U.P. Also very dry in the West. Fires are starting already so I will take the U.P. weather.

May is Mother’s Day on the 11th. Don’t forget to thank all the mothers for taking care of us when we needed that help. I was only 12-years-old when my mother was taken too soon at age 52. She raised 15 of us. What a job and sadly she was not able to see us all grow up and also not able to relax and have sometime to enjoy life so from hats off to all you mothers and God bless you all.

Later this month is Memorial Day, May 26. Loved ones who have gone and are laid to rest. Also the many veterans who served in our country in war and peace. Park Cemetery has a service each year to honor them. I try each year to go and walk around Park Cemetery and pay my respects. It’s well kept up by the city of Marquette. And really quite peaceful to walk there.

In closing, as we remember those living and those who have passed let’s all try to love one another, help each other if we can and thank the Lord for each day we have. Never know when it will be our time to depart from this life.

Each day I try to be grateful for the many blessings from family and friends who have helped me and also the Lord and the promise of Christ to be with him when my time has come to leave this life for the next one.