More charges in prostitution case

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Kingsford man accused of transporting a female for purposes of prostitution is now facing a new felony count of human trafficking.

Johnathan Vyvyan, 23, was in Dickinson County District Court on Wednesday for a scheduled preliminary examination on felony counts of prostitution-transporting a female and failure to comply with the sex offender registration act.

However, Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards informed the court that she intended to dismiss the standing charges. She said that she had done some research and would be re-filing the case under human trafficking.

After the hearing, Richards issued the following felony charges against Vyvyan: human trafficking involving a minor or human trafficking-recruiting a minor for child sexually abusive activity, prostitution-transporting a female, and failure to comply with the sex offender registration act.

If convicted on all of the charges, Vyvyan could spend up to 44 years in prison.

A new preliminary examination is scheduled for May 27 in Dickinson County District Court.

Vyvyan was arrested last week by the Iron Mountain Police Department following an eight-month investigation.

Details of the case are not available at this time. Richards did note that the female involved was not charged with any type of prostitution crime.