Evolution challenged

To the Journal editor:

So what is evolution? Frank Sherwin, M.A. of the Institute for Creation Research stated, “It is faith that unknown chemicals came together in an unknown way, at an unknown place, at an unknown time, using an unknown process to produce life.” The law of biogenesis states that life only comes from life.

Charles Darwin wrote a controversial book called “On the Origin of Species,” written in 1859. The amazing thing about his book is Darwin never addresses the origin of species even though it was the title of his book. Instead, Darwin refers to creation without a creator.

Evolution, as Darwin conceived it, has never been observed. Since evolution is not observable in the past or the present it cannot be considered science. In Genesis 1:21-25, when God is creating the animals of the earth he commands them to produce more of its own kind to populate the earth. We have many varieties of cats and dogs but no “dats” or “cogs” which would support a vertical evolutionary theory. We now have “zonkeys” (zebra and donkey, horse family) and “ligers” (lion and tiger, cat family) which are examples of horizontal evolution that cannot survive in the wild.

Dr. James Johnson, of the Institute for Creation Research reported evolutionary scientists’ are reluctant to test for C-14 carbon in coal, diamonds and dinosaur bones because its so unstable. C-14 decays so rapidly, if the entire mass of the earth were C-14, after only one million years not even one atom of mass would be left.

The presence of detectable C-14 indicates that the true age of these things is only a few thousand years. Carbon dating challenges the billions-of-years view currently being taught in our public schools. This confirms biblical teaching and documentation for a young earth approximately 6,000 years old.

I am not suggesting public schools teach the theology of the bible. However, I believe public schools should teach the documented, scientific view of faith based creationism as well as the lesser documented, faith based theory of evolution and allow the child “a choice” what to believe.

Nowadays our freedom of choice seems to ring loud and clear except when it derives from an ethical source.

Lance Peterson