Liberal and proud

To the Journal editor:

Wow. That’s all I could say after reading Leslie White’s recent letter to the editor. He seem’s to be one angry Tea Party Republican. Very confused also.

Number one, just because people vote in a law doesn’t make it constitutional. Two, (lazy) so called red states have more people on welfare than blue states. Three (loud) Rush, Sean, Bill and Glen, to name a few, not to mention Mitch, Ted and John. Ill mannered, see previous sentence. Intolerant, hypocritical? Ditto.

Anti-Defense? No, we just don’t necessarily believe that war based on a pack of lies (WMD’s) is worth all the lives lost (not just American lives). Of course we are pro-union, unions built the middle class,protect workers rights, fight for equality. We don’t believe that corporations should be writing our state or national laws, like conservative right wing Republicans do.

Liberals don’t want clean energy? What planet are you on? The conservative Koch brothers have been lobbying for taxes on people with solar panels, as well as lobbying for their fossil fuel subsidies (corporate entitlements?).

The liberals have been trying to get clean, renewable energy policy for years and have been stymied by corporate sponsored right wing politicians for years.

Liberals have a 4 D policy? As per Laura Ingraham? When you start quoting Ingraham as a source you reveal just how out of touch with reality you really are.You want conservatives to stop being so polite? You evidently watch Faux News (?) and you can say with a straight face it’s time for conservatives to stop being polite?

Obstructionist? Yes, the Republicans in Congress have done absolutely nothing in the way of what they are constitutionally required to do for the last six years. They always claim to believe in the constitution, but their actions show their hypocrisy.

They only want to follow the parts they want to.They are required by the constitution to facilitate the implementation of all duly passed legislation,(ACA) whether they agree with it or not.They are required to meet,debate,compromise and come to agreement to further the interests of the United States of America and I see none of this from the right, especially the so-called Tea Party extremists.

Wow, that’s all I can say.

Jeff Prusi