Avoid politics

To the Journal editor:

Seeing I didn’t allow myself enough time to collect the required signatures to get on the primary ballot this year, I am officially out of the race for Michigan’s First U.S. Congressional seat as a Democratic candidate.

While my run campaign may be over, my desire to make an impact is still going strong. So I thought I would take this opportunity to publicly reach out to all remaining candidates.

I know you are surrounded by advisors (some more than others) with years of experience and knowledge which I don’t possess, nor do I want. My hands-on political experience is virtually nothing, yet I have years of witnessing and experiencing the consequences of these political maneuvers, tactics, and methods used to win at all costs. Each of you are in the position to represent your District, so I ask you to begin right now. Do not look political. Do not act political. I am asking you to be different.

I want a representative to lead by example. Be thankful for the help you receive from your party, but it is time to cut the strings. Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this does not make you a slave to your party.

These are your principles, not who you belong to. Hear your constituents’ voices. Your allegiance should be to your constituents. Your influence should come from your constituents.

Your actions and decisions should be what is best for your constituents. None of these should belong to Washington, your party, or large donors. I’m not saying abandon your party. I’m saying let everyone know who and what you stand for.

My advice, for what it is worth, and it isn’t worth much, is for each of you to stand up for what is right. Don’t hide your beliefs or stances to avoid questions. If you can’t answer questions as to your stances and principles, then how strongly are they your stances and principles?

This is not poker so do not be afraid to show your hand. Refuse to play the games which are expected of you. Change politics. You cannot lead from behind or from within the political mess that is our government right now.

You must lead by example. Be an independent mind. Leave the outside money outside. Make the remainder of your campaign something that can be admired. It is your decision.

Choose wisely.