Observe protocol

To the Journal editor:

May 26, which is Memorial Day, (non-traditional day of observation) is approaching.

It may be time to remind people of the real meaning for this day. Memorial Day is exclusively for honoring those who died serving in uniform during wartime.

Now would be the time to take a look at your flag is to insure it is in a serviceable condition to fly. I see many flags flying as of late, but I also, sorry to say, that I see flags that are not in serviceable condition, such as faded, torn, the red and white strips separating from the flag.

If you are going to fly the national colors, make sure they are in fact serviceable. If they are not follow the U.S. Flag Code for the proper disposal of the flag.

Many veterans organizations will accept these flags for disposal.

Bill Domowicz

USAF (retired)