Words count

To the Journal editor:

Racism has again entered the news – this time the racial remarks of the owner of an NBA basketball team. However, much good has come out of this incident. The NBA commissioner had the courage to take quick action against the team owner who spoke the cruel words. Many other people have united to take a stand against this cruel incident.

The cause of racism is lack of love.

Lack of love erupts in many ways – gossip, greed, texting cruel messages, bullying, physical abuse and neglect just to name a few – the list is long. Hatred is like a volcano spewing out its lava and destroyed all it touches.

We all, including myself, need to elevate our level of loving. We need to say loving, not cruel, words. We need to do loving, not cruel, actions. We need to think loving, not cruel, thoughts.

Behavior begins in our brains. Let’s fill our brains with loving thoughts.

Hate results in hurt and sadness. Love leads to help and gladness. Let all join the “Love Team.”

Mary Goloveric