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MARQUETTE – Marquette resident Jeff Krebs – better known by many children and families as Papa Crow – has gone a different route with his new musical release.

“Right now, I’m in a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign in which I’m hoping to get pre-orders of the album at to help me with the costs associated with recording, mastering, artwork, production and promotion,” Krebs said. “I chose this method of fundraising as it can get the excitement going even before my album comes out, and also lets fans in on some great updates with any pledge – free downloads, videos, info and interviews with the guest artists.

“Also, I’m offering exclusives in the pre-order campaign including signed CDs, homemade T-shirts, original artwork, custom-made songs, ukuleles, names in the liner notes and concert,” he said. “With crowdfunding, my project won’t be funded unless I reach 100 percent of my goal to make the album.”

Krebs has until May 13 to meet the goal through pledges. At the start of this week, he stood at about 68 percent.

“It’s all-or-nothing,” he said.

Called “Full Moon, Full Moon,” Escanaba native Krebs’ new effort has been in the works for some time.

“I’ve been at work on a new full-length Papa Crow album of original kids and family songs for over two years now, and it will be released in July on CD,” he said. “I like to think of this one as my ‘outside in the U.P.’ album: songs about climbing trees, wood fires, forest animals, mudpuddles, white pines, fireflies and full moons.

“I’m very excited with the way it’s turning out.”

Krebs wrote all the songs on the new CD and is thrilled with the artists who have contributed their talent to the project.

“I’ve got tons of great local talent helping me with their singing and playing, including Michael Waite, Kerry Yost, Rebecca Rucinski, Corinne Rockow, Aaron Kippola, Dylan Trost, The Green Garden 4-H Club (ages 9-14), my two boys (Pablo and Billy) and my brother-in-law John D Beck.”

How did he recruit disc participants?

“Most of the talented musicians on the album are a part of the Marquette music scene,” Krebs said. “Some I have worked with before, while others like Michael Waite, Corinne Rockow and the Green Garden 4H Club, I’m a fan of and simply asked if they wanted to be a part of my new family album. Three fantastic out-of-state musicians, Frances England, Jonathan Rundman and Sara Pajunen recorded in their homes and emailed the parts to me! My family is involved too: my two boys and my sister’s family (John D., Jordan and Kyra Beck from Escanaba).

“There are 25 musicians who have contributed to this album – I’m very grateful!”

Papa Crow’s previous releases have been well received, not just locally, but around the country.

“My debut album ‘Things That Roar’ was awarded a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor and was named as one of the best children’s album of 2011 by Time Out New York, Zooglobble, Fids and Kamily Awards, Spare the Rock, Out With the Kids and other media outlets.

“The humorous five-song EP ‘What Was That Sound’ was released in 2012 to positive reviews,” he said. “Well, except one site which hated it.”

For those who don’t already know, how did Jeff Krebs come up with the name Papa Crow?

“A long time ago I spent some time with an Indian medicine man, Rolling Thunder. He gave me the name One Crow,” Krebs said. “I love my name but I was looking for something easier for kids to remember, so Papa Crow.”

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