Negaunee native Brian Price set to graduate

MARQUETTE – As president of the Public Relations Student Society of America, Brian Price has been to plenty of places this semester: Washington D.C., Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Chicago, Charleston, Miami, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Albuquerque.

The more accurate question to pose to Price seems to be where didn’t he go?

“There was lots of traveling,” said Price, who will graduate today from Northern Michigan University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

A Negaunee native, Price has served as president of the PRSSA, a national group comprised of roughly 340 chapters at universities across the country, since June 1. His term will end May 31.

The organziation is a network of more than 11,000 college students interested in public relations and communication that works to connect students with resources and people to help them launch their careers.

With so many responsibilities and being required to operate on such a large scale, Price said it may take some time to fully grasp the practical aspects of his experiences as president of a national organization.

“I think it will take me a while to really understand what the benefits are and I feel like once I get into the workplace, I’m just going to have the experience of working fast,” Price said.

So far, the title has earned Price an interview at the public relations agency of his choice.

“Being president, in my career, it’s almost like I didn’t even need a resume to get interviewed,” Price said. “Getting a job is tough no matter what, but having this experience, I can get an interview anywhere.”

Dealing with plenty of emails on a daily basis, formulating national strategies for the group and working to create initiatives that fit those strategies, Price said he’s had a lot of hands-on experience already, not to mention his work as a graduate assistant in NMU’s Communications Department, where he managed five to six undergraduate students, wrote press releases, features and helped maintain the university’s social media presence.

Price also taught an undergraduate level public speaking course.

“I flipped around and got on the other side of the classroom and had an unbelievable experience there,” Price said.

At the end of the month, Price will pass the torch to the new PRSSA president, and as he does that, he will welcome another NMU student onto the national committee for next year – undergraduate public relations major Jordan Paquet, also from Negaunee.

That puts two native Negaunee resident and NMU students on a 10-member national panel.

Being from the area, Price said students like him can easily slip into the same pattern they had in high school, spending time with the same people and not really getting involved on campus.

However, he attributes many of his accomplishemtns – from PRSSA president to teaching a college course to working as a graduate assistant at the univeristy – to joining a student group on campus, NMU’s chapter of the PRSSA.

“A lot of local students, when they invest time in Northern Michigan, they get so much more out of it. That’s what I think is my biggest takeaway,” Price said. “Students at Northern Michigan are doing really cool things.”

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