Treat Sawyer right

To the Journal editor:

The March 23 headline, “K.I. Sawyer study” and all the data collected just blew me away. And to be truthful, I felt sick.

I’ve been here since April 2002 , I own and have been active in a few groups starting with our condo association, KISCA and the alliance and toss in lots of volunteer hours.

There are some key phrases in that article that makes me wonder, like “improve the social fabric,” long term plan, a sit down with West Branch and Forsyth and “you’re going to see some movement going forward that ties right in with us.”

I’m not sure I understand that, and as for a long term plan, I’m 68. Too little to late for me. About 82 percent rentals and how transient? What’s the turnover and stay rate? What’s the vetting process for renters?

An observation: No county worker lives out here and some don’t even live in the county. If they had to live here, you wouldn’t see the beat up curb and gutter or plugged up sewers. It’d be neat like where they live, or maybe not. I want Altamont Street not Superior.

I’ve been watching the dance to the sweet 16, and I have seen the snake dance and the Sawyer dance is a dance where all the steps are predicated on intermittent shuffling which I believe we are about to see.

That graph, economic indicators tells it all. So,what to do, what to do? Can’t and won’t be done because of the taint that permeates and stifles.

The taint you will never remove as hard as you try. The base closure wasn’t a failure, it was what the choreographers did with it and that grand fathered in good old boy chorus line.

Encore, encore and break a leg.

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer