It’s baaack

MARQUETTE – Tuesday was a record-setting weather day in the Marquette area.

The National Weather Service’s Negaunee Township office reported record “daily maximum liquid equivalent precipitation and snowfall for April 29 was set.”

The total precipitation for the date was .99 inches, breaking the record of .72 inches that was set in 1963. As for snowfall, the NWS office recorded 4.1 inches, shattering the 1996 mark of 1.7 inches.

“There’s a big low pressure system over the central United States that’s driving our weather,” said Justin Titus, NWS meterologist. “Yesterday, the low pressure moved into the area. With the temperature in the lower atmosphere right around the threshold for rain or snow, we thought it would be a mix.

“But weather is an imperfect science and the models were incorrect,” he said. “So instead of the inch of rain we expected, it dropped 4 inches of snow and then a half-inch of rain after that.”

Titus said most of the central Upper Peninsula received 3-4 inches of snow, but near the Lake Michigan shore, most of the precipitation fell as rain.

No major accidents were reported during the snowfall, said Sgt. Brent Rosten of the Michigan State Police Post in Negaunee Township.

But some vehicles did slide into the ditch during the worst of the snow and sleet.

A dense fog advisory was in place for Marquette County until 10 this morning, and a flood advisory was issued for parts of Baraga and Houghton counties along the Sturgeon River as well as other spots in the U.P.

“We will see what the melt will do today to see what happens with the rivers,” Titus said. “We wanted to give people a heads up, just in case.”

As for the first few days of May, Titus said rain showers and temperatures in the mid-40s are anticipated.

“There’s no significant snow in the forecast, as least for the next three days,” he said.