Just one earth

To the Journal editor:

Michigan and much of the interior U.S. has gone through a brutally cold winter, no question about it. So, many folks want to say global warming is humbug. Perhaps we should call it global weirding as that is a more immediate descriptive phrase.

While we’ve had cold, the west coast has had record heat. Across the globe this pattern of extremes is being repeated in extremes of heat/cold, excessive rains/drought being the norm not the exception. And no, this isn’t part of natures normal cycle; if it were we’d be in a planetary cooling cycle now, which were not.

Are we going to leave the ancient sunlight in the ground? Most likely no, not as long as we can extract it at a profit to give us the western lifestyle we see as our birthright. But, we can leave 25 percent of it in the ground just through conservation measures. Those are the everyday personal and community efforts that will save money and the planet. Where is the leadership to do these things? It comes from each and everyone of us as we make the changes, raise our voices and demand change.

On this 44th Earth Day we seem to be further away from making the decisions that will allow our children, grandchildren and those down through the generations survive.

Ask yourself what can you do personally and politically to make a difference, not just today but 24/7, 365.

Then do it.

Sarah Redmond