God is creator

To the Journal editor:

Does it really matter that man cannot destroy or create matter? Absolutely! What a mess we would be in if the creator gave us that power. And yet many believe in evolution and evolutionists claim it took millions of years for this to be accomplished.

I also believe in evolution, but evolution to me only takes nine months. It takes the female egg to be fertilized by the male sperm to start this evolution process. Please note that this process takes a female and a male to give birth to a child.

After a gestation period of nine months a child is born with a perfect body. Just think how perfect our bodies are.

No one would want one leg half the length of the other leg, nor would they want one arm half the length of the other arm. Man cannot design a hand that approaches the functionality of the hands we are born with. Would you want only one finger instead of five on each hand?

How many of you would want your thumbs removed? Would any of you be willing to give up your knee or elbow joints or any of the multitude of joints we are born with?

It is astounding that God provided us with a perfect body and yet so many cannot accept a creator. Not only did the creator give us a perfect body but he gave us a perfect place in which to live.

He provides everything we need for our daily living and only asks that we give him our honor, praise, adoration and believe in his only begotten son.

Joyce Kilmer, a U.S. poet, concluded one of his poems with this: “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

Richard Lehto