There is hope

To the Journal editor:

Making something legal does not necessarily make it right. Nor, and especially with increasingly more topsy-turvy legislation, does making something illegal necessarily make it wrong.

A fact is definitely established, however, there is right and there is wrong.

There is no law against true righteousness. Thus, reason should strongly aim our thought process and ultimate behavior in the direction of right.

Wrong is diametrically opposed to right. Therefore, all law designed to control behavior is against wrong. Law is only as good as its enforcement. Even strictest enforcement merely causes restraint and cannot evict intent.

Past action inevitably affects present condition. Compromise seems so harmless, but its offspring is an uncontrollable monster. By not strictly enforcing existing laws, many of our society’s problems have been brought about. New laws will not correct conditions brought about by permissiveness.

The population is never 100 percent in obedience to any given law. There are the conscientious obeyers. Others are restrained because of strict enforcement and the final small segment are die-hard offenders who must be removed from society.

How sad that people live a lifetime and never learn how to really live. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not found in fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. Addiction to wrong is death, bondage and ultimate depravity. Addiction to right is life, liberty and ultimate happiness.

There is hope. The switch can be made. To do so, individual contrition and repentance is a must. The only alternative is to continue the effortless drift on the river of decadence.