Boston strong, mettle on display today at marathon

The Boston Marathon will be run today. At the conclusion of last year’s race, police and prosecutors say, the Tsarnaev brothers went about their deadly business, placing a pair of bombs near the finish line.

One brother died in a subsequent gun battle with police. The second awaits trial on murder charges and remains in federal custody. One police officer was tragically killed during the city-wide dragnet to corner the suspects.

The toll the homemade pressure cooker bombs took was horrendous: Three people were killed and more than 260 others sustained injuries. Many lost limbs or suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the attack.

Some 36,000 runners are registered for today’s race. Hundreds of security cameras have been placed along the route. Police promise a beefed-up presence all throughout the city of Boston.

We salute Boston for its resilence in the face of terrorist aggression.

They’re calling it Boston strong, and we couldn’t agree more. Terrorists can murder but never win.