Sadowski, Cope sent to prison

After calling their actions some of the most bizarre and heinous behavior she had ever seen in the area, Marquette County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi sentenced two Ishpeming men previously convicted of torture to decades in prison.

Both Jason David Sadowski, 44, and Charles Leroy Cope, 66, were found guilty by a jury March 5 of two counts of torture and two counts of unlawful imprisonment each involving a July, 2013 incident where two Ishpeming women were held captive for hours, threatened with death and beaten for hours after stealing money from Sadowski’s wallet.

Sadowski was also found guilty of solicitation of murder and two counts of assault by strangulation. He was found not guilty of a criminal sexual conduct charge.

Mazzuchi sentenced Sadowski to a term of 40 to 80 years in prison on each of the two torture convictions as well as on the single count of solicitation of murder. He also received five to 10 years on each of the two counts of assault by strangulation.

Cope received 25 to 40 years on each of the two counts of torture.

Both Sadowski and Cope received 10 to 15 years on each of the two counts of unlawful imprisonment.

All sentences will be served concurrently.

For the full story, see Tuesday’s edition of The Mining Journal.