Op-eds hit mark

To the Journal editor:

I agree with the opinions in the op-eds on the Perspectives page of The Mining Journal dated March 30.

Don Potvin presented some good facts regarding the traffic after the mining trucks start coming through Marquette.

I live near Wright Street and even now before the additional truck traffic, it is a very busy street. There are times when I have a fairly lengthy wait before I can drive on it.

Several of the university buildings and a large campus parking lot are on the north side of Wright Street which the students have to cross to get to the campus.

Mr. Potvin also wrote about Duke Lifepoint buying our hospital. I believe it is now narrowed down to two sites. After Duke bought our hospital, we were told they would now pay a property tax to the city. If the new hospital is not built in the city, we will not receive those property taxes.

Rita Hodgins also wrote a very good op-ed that day regarding construction along Lake Superior. I attended some of the meetings in the 1990s when it was decided to hold the land in public ownership with no development.

In fact a decision was made at the time that the city should buy the four private homes along the lake and remove them if they became available.

I had a friend who lived in one of the homes and he said the city asked for first option to buy it if they ever decided to sell.