I’m not a fan of NBC Sports

For those who don’t know, I’m a huge Detroit Red Wings fan and this time of year is probably my favorite. It’s my favorite time of year because it’s playoff time in the NHL and usually getting warmer outside. This year only the one is happening, but it still doesn’t change how I feel about playoff hockey. I don’t know how I feel about the Red Wings being in the Eastern Conference yet, especially come playoff time.

I’m so use to hating certain teams – like the San Jose Sharks – during the playoffs that I don’t quite have those same feelings about any of the Eastern Conference teams yet except for the Pittsburgh Penguins, for obvious reasons. Even though the Wings are in the Eastern Conference I still planned on keeping my playoff rituals the same, but NBC has put a kink in that plan this year.

My biggest ritual when it comes to the Stanley Cup Playoffs is watching the Wings play on Fox Sports Detroit during the first round and then if the Wings make it past the first round I watch them on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation channel. The reason I do this is because after the first round of playoffs my only options of watching the Wings is on NBC Sports and CBC. Well, I’m not afraid to say I really, really dislike NBC Sports.

My dislike for NBC Sports starts back when it was still called Verus. When the playoffs started broadcasting on Verus only I found that the commentators always seemed to be biased toward one team and as a paranoid Red Wings fanatic that I am, I always felt that they were biased toward whatever team that was playing the Red Wings that night and I believe that bias toward a certain team still goes on today. But them being biased toward a certain team is just one reason I very much dislike that channel. The other reason I’m not a fan of NBC Sports is because of the man they put between the benches. That man’s name is Pierre McGuire.

Pierre McGuire is the only man in the world who has actually brought me closer to Penguins fans because they seem to hate him as much as I do. One of reason that I, and other hockey fans I’ve met, just really can’t stand him is because he will see a play, make a decision based on what he saw ice level, then look at the replay which shows that he is obviously wrong, but then he sticks to what he first decided and tries to come up with any evidence he can, even if it’s not there, to make it fit.

I’ve seen this happen with a lot of different teams for a lot of different reasons, such as reviewed goals, hits and penalties. There have even been times when Pierre decides he’s going to stick with what he originally said, but the play-by-play and color commentators don’t agree after seeing the replay and you can tell that they really don’t agree with what Pierre is saying and think he’s wrong.

There are two games this round that are only on NBC, which uses the NBC Sports crew. I’m not really happy about it because I really prefer to listen to Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels on FSD or the CBC crew. But being the loyal Red Wings fan I am, I’ll still watch the games, though the TV just might end up on mute.

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