New senior citizen license program a positive step

We like a Michigan Department of Natural Resources plan that’s going to make it easier for seniors, especially those who are cash strapped, to get out and enjoy the abundant natural resources the state has to offer.

The vehicle is a new hunt/fish combination license for folks over 65 years of age.

Acccording to a DNR announcement this week, and story from the Associated Press, the new license includes a fishing license that is good for all species, a base hunting license and two deer licenses for $43.

When purchasing the 2014 licenses without a senior discount, seniors who purchased the regular hunt/fish combo license paid $76. The only way to get a senior discount on these items was to purchase them separately as senior licenses.

The newly packaged discounted license is now available. In addition, resident seniors who already paid the higher $76 price for a 2014 license will be receiving a letter from the DNR offering a refund of $33, the difference between the regular hunt/fish combo and the senior hunt/fish combo, AP reported

This new initiative will help seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes, continue to hunt and fish, at reduced costs. And, we believe, that’s a worthy goal, especially given the significant role those activities play in people’s lives.