NMU grads going ‘on line’

Having the skills to help keep the lights on in any kind of weather takes training, and 32 more people are entering the world with that kind of training.

The Midwest Skills Development Center presented the 11th graduating class of the Electrical Line Technician Program Friday at Northern Michigan University.

The ELT program is a joint effort between NMU, the Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundation and the MSDC.

But it’s also a job in which safety is important.

James Morgan, MSDC assistant instructor, said that over the years, the profession has become more skilled.

“It is dangerous, but we make it safe,” Morgan said. “Technology has really improved the life expectancy of a lineman.”

Class of 2014 representative Adam Luft listened to VandeZande’s speech.

“I’m looking forward to some cool stories, (and) get a job,” Luft said.

Jerry LePage, MSCS instructor, said classes began in August at K.I. Sawyer and continued for two semesters in which students learned about electrical theory, safety, computer use, construction standards and climbing. Students work on de-energized lines, he noted.

Other members of the newest graduating class were: Derek Aberly, Justin Aboussleman, Jeremy Anderson, Raymond Anderson, Kevin Becker, William Bourg, Jarret Brow, Kody Carlson, Blain Conover, Bryan Cook, Brandyn Dahlquist, Cody Depetro, Michael Dombrowski, Alex Flees, Christopher Fraley, Alex Halonen and Philip Kirkwood.

Also, Paul Mullen, Nicholas Newell, Scott Olson, Riley Pajnich, Cole Perrault, Jason Piron, Guy Raftshol, Paul Ramsey, Cole Schultz, Jessica Taylor, Blaine Transit, Daniel Yoak and Joseph Zuiker.

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