Hats off to tough Sentinels team for great playoff run

The Marquette Sentinels U16 girls hockey team has made us at The Mining Journal – and all of Marquette, for that matter – awfully proud with the dream season it’s had, finishing with a run at a national title this past weekend.

The outstanding group of young women dominated through the nation’s second-toughest schedule to reach the national tournament, and also dominated its way through the end of the season tournament, scoring at least five goals in each of the five games it won on the way to the title showdown.

Marquette’s foe in the championship was a team it had already beaten 5-1 in pool play.

The Sentinels faced their formidable opponent and fell 2-1 with the Massachusetts Blazers scoring the winning goal with just over seven minutes to play in the game.

And on what could be defined as a fluke goal, no less. The Blazers’ winner was scored on a backhand below the goal line that bounced off a Marquette stick through the smallest of openings and into the net.

Though they surely aren’t pleased – yet – with the No. 2 finish, there is plenty enough to be proud about being the runner-up team in a national tournament.

Marquette coach Jeff Cornock knows his team is disappointed, but was right when he said, “This was a phenomenal run for a Marquette girls hockey team to make it to the national championship game.”

Someday the Sentinels will realize just how amazing their season was and just how much Marquette was behind them all the way.

The Sentinels should be holding their heads high as they’ve made the Marquette hockey community proud. We couldn’t be happier for the team in their outstanding run at a national title, and congratulate them on an excellent season.

We’d like to acknowledge the team, including: Katie Pryor, Allison Carlson, Lauryn Folker, Emma Kaznowski, Freya Holferty, Sydney Higgins, Lauren Godfrey, Chloe Krause, Sydney Cornock, Kirsten Iwanski, Kailey Godfrey, Ashlyn Steer, Ally Polich and Hannah Riesland.