Splits, spares and strikes: St. Onge, Goldsworthy top winners in annual Marquette County USBC Association tourney

One thing Dave St. Onge has in common with Andy Goldsworthy is both are fairly hard throwers on the lanes.

Now St. Onge’s raw speed probably isn’t quite what Goldsworthy’s is, but that’s to be expected since Dave at age 69 is old enough to be a grandfather to Andy, age 26. For their ages, each fires it quite well.

Each has something else in common now, too – they were the big winners at the 2014 Marquette County U.S. Bowling Congress Association annual tournament.

Goldsworthy was a triple winner in the open division, taking team, doubles and all-events categories, while St. Onge was the only multiple winner in the 55-years-and-older senior division, taking first place in team and all-events.

They and other first-place finishers receive granite-and-marble plaques provided by Republic Memorials owner Pat Gingras, who also happens to be MCUSBC president.

Goldsworthy missed a sweep of the open division’s four events when he fell 60 pins short in singles to winner Allen Lancour, who shot 710 and with handicap 842 for a 48-pin victory.

Goldsworthy’s doubles partner and a teammate in team, Mike Kulju, was a two-time winner.

They were joined by Kulju’s sister, Nicole Kulju, in team, rolling a score of 2,028 and with 186 pins handicap, 2,214. That was 82 pins ahead of the runners-up.

In doubles, Goldsworthy and Kulju – Mike, that is – hit 1,486 and with 102 handicap totaled 1,588 for a 111-pin victory.

In all-events, which is the total for an individual in team, doubles and singles, Goldsworthy shot 2,175, amassing 686 in team, 774 in doubles and 715 in singles. With handicap that became 2,376, a 56-pin win.

On the senior side, St. Onge shot 642 scratch in team, 501 in doubles and 595 in singles. With 387 pins handicap, his all-events score was 2,125 for just a 16-pin victory.

In team, St. Onge was joined by Wayne Lamere and Don Beck to shoot 1,779, and with 326 handicap, had 2,105, another close 14-pin win.

In doubles, Vic Mahaffey and Chuck Pool rolled 1,316 plus 178 handicap for 1,494 total and a 35-pin victory.

And in singles, Cliff Mattson actually took the top two places, but since you can only cash once, he just gets first place. His winning score was 621 and with 159 handicap, totaled 780 for a 27-pin win over himself and 33-pin true victory.

Here are all the cashers in the tourney, with handicap score and prize money:

Open division

Team (18 entries) – 1st place, Goldsworthy, Kulju and Kulju, 2,214, $152; 2nd, Dave Stevenson, Mark Picucci, Keith Dickson, 2,132, $83; 3rd, Wayne Charbonneau, Lamere, Beck, 2,107, $59; 4th, Scott Salminen, Vinnie LaCombe, Justin Stephens, 2,105, $47; 5th, Andy Buckmaster, Heather Sandberg, David Lancour, 2,095, $38.

Doubles (22 entries) – 1st, Goldsworthy, Mike Kulju, 1,588, $115; 2nd, Allen Lancour, David Lancour, 1,477, $62; 3rd, Picucci, Stevenson, 1,420, $44; 4th, Katie Salminen, Greg Thiel III, 1,404, $35; 5th, Stevenson, Dickson, 1,400, $28; 6th, Scott Salminen, Stephens, 1,392, $24.

Singles (41 entries) – 1st, Allen Lancour, 842, $87; 2nd, Ron Ingram, 794, $47; 3rd, Goldsworthy, 782, $34; 4th, Andrew Virch, 777, $27; 5th, Dickson, 763, $22; 6th, Beck, 757, $18; 7th, Stephens, 747, $16; 8th, Mike Kulju, 726, $14; 9th, Tina Brandel, 723, $12; 10th, Tim McIntire, 721, $11.

All-events (24 entries) – 1st, Goldsworthy, 2,376, $45; 2nd, Allen Lancour, 2,320, $24; 3rd, Stephens, 2,211, $17; 4th, Ingram, 2,184, $14; 5th, Beck, 2,181, $11; 6th, Mike Kulju, 2,173, $9.

Senior division

Team (11 entries) – 1st, St. Onge, Lamere, Beck, 2,105, $120; 2nd, Bill Peterson, Joleen North, Don North, 2,091, $65; 3rd, Barb Roberts, Cis Dompierre, Mary Grobar, 2,061, $46.

Doubles (16 entries) – 1st, Mahaffey, Pool, 1,494, $100; 2nd, Don Johnson, Kim Joki, 1,459, $54; 3rd, Steve Swentik, Mike Trickey, 1,443, $39; 4th, Rollie Swanson, Cliff Mattson, 1,425, $31.

Singles (30 entries) – 1st, Cliff Mattson, 780, $69; 2nd, Bob Maki, 747, $38; 3rd, Swanson, 726, $27; 4th, St. Onge, 724, $21; 5th, Donald Mattson, 721, $17; 6th, Al Dufay, 705, $14; 7th, Swentik, 695, $12; 8th, Edsel Syrjala, 694, $11.

All-events (16 entries) – 1st, St. Onge, 2,125, $36; 2nd, Maki, 2,109, $19; 3rd, Mike Deering, 2,081, $14; 4th, Lamere, 2,030, $11.

Here are The Mining Journal Bowlers of the Week for March 21-27:

Each race had a similarity, the men’s in that the top three all came from one league, the Tuesday Major at Red Rock Lanes.

Brian Chilcote won the race at 180 pins over his 172 average with 696 on games of 257, 255 and 184. Next came Rollie Swanson at plus-166 from his 170 average with 676 and a 289 final game, while Scott Salminen was 155 over his 214 average with 797 and a perfect 300 I detailed here last week.

For the women, Brenda Carlson in the Friday Nite Mixed at Red Rock won at 76 pins over her 184 average with a 628 on games of 231, 204 and 193.

Next came three ladies each at plus-71 – Cecelia Dompierre in the Wednesday SIR Federal Credit Union at Red Rock with a 158 average, 545 series and top game of 212; Lori Howe of the Red Rock Thursday Night Ladies with a 108 average, 395 set and 151 high; and Bobbi Kovarik, also of the Thursday Night Ladies, with a 104 average, 383 series and 132 best game.