Decision makers should take note of new education study

It seems as though a new study is released every day outlining some problem or success story we should all pay attention to.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of numbers. It’s also easy to ignore or forget studies that do highlight real issues.

We hope this doesn’t happen with the Education Trust-Midwest’s recent report on the state of education in Michigan.

Titled “Stalled to Soaring: Michigan’s Path to Educational Recovery,” the report showcases some worrisome material in the way of the progression of learning for Michigan kids.

It seems this educational system we have is failing miserably.

The report ranks Michigan in the bottom five states for student learning progress in fourth-grade reading and math over the last decade.

It also counts Michigan as one of only six states in the nation to post negative student growth in some subjects, citing fourth-grade students that are learning at lower levels today than they did in 2003 in reading.

Those are some scary findings. Especially when one considers the 21st century workforce these kids will inherit once they graduate.

We need workers with a good educational foundation to help drive forward Michigan’s economy.

We need smart people with the technical skills and creative minds to bring Michigan back to its former glory.

We need our fourth-graders to read at or above proficiency. We need them to excel in math.

We hope this study receives serious examination by those that have the power to better the educational system that is so clearly lacking in this state.