HIMYM end was mixed bag

SPOILER ALERT: This column contains information about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. If you have not seen the finale yet or don’t want the entire series ruined for you, look away now because you will be reading about what happened in the finale and throughout the series.

I have been watching HIMYM since the very beginning. I have seen every episode at least twice (except for the finale) and this show has been the backbone of so many inside jokes with my close group of friends. I even have red cowboy boots that I got at a store on Route 66 in Arizona because of this show. It’s been a big part of my life and last Monday it ended with the series finale.

I do have to say, initially I was outraged by the ending because I’ve waited eight years to find out who the mother was; they put her in the only last season, and then in the last episode ever the writers kill her off.

It was the biggest disappointment to any ending to any series, book or TV show I’ve ever encountered. The writers got me so attached to the mother in the last season and attached to the idea of Robin and Barney being together that I just couldn’t see it ending any other way.

For eight season I wanted to know who the mother was and after figuring out that the writers were going to make the entire last season take place within a weekend, I was worried I would never get to know the mother the way I wanted to for so long. But the writers, as amazing as they are, gave me everything I hoped for when it came to getting to know the mother.

I do have to give the writers props on how they went about writing the show, even though I’m not exactly happy with the final episode. It was amazing how well it was written and how little things that happen in one season came back around two seasons later.

After calming down Monday night, I started to understand why the writers killed the mother and had Ted go after Robin again. Robin felt like she wasn’t able to be apart of the group anymore because of Barney and Ted and that it was just easier for her to not be friends with them at all. By killing the mother the writers gave Robin a way back into the group and make everything cohesive again.

When I was first upset about the writers killing off the mother it was because I had grown attached to her and it seemed like it came out of no where. It was like a slap to the face. But then my boyfriend, who probably watched a little bit too much HIMYM in the past month or so to catch up, pointed out that the writers really did drop a huge hint that Tracy, the mother, was going to die. It was in episode 19 of the final season. Ted and Tracy were at the Farhampton Inn in the middle of winter learning that they’ve told each other every story they had and had officially become an old married couple.

They were sitting at a table telling stories and one of them was that Robin’s mother did finally show up for the wedding. That’s when Tracy said that of course she would because what kind of mother doesn’t show up to her own daughter’s wedding, and after she said that, Ted started getting emotional and upset.

At first I thought it was because one of their mothers died before their wedding, but after seeing the finale it made sense that it was because Tracy was dying and would never see her own daughter walk down the aisle. After my boyfriend pointed this out to me, I felt a lot better about the way things ended in the final episode, but I am still pretty upset that the writers killed her off.