Study: Michigan students not learning enough

MARQUETTE – Michigan kids aren’t learning as much as they should be, according to the latest study released by The Education Trust-Midwest.

Titled “Stalled to Soaring: Michigan’s Path to Educational Recovery,” the report highlights some startling truths about Michigan’s educational progress, which lags behind almost every other state in the nation.

“What’s happening in our state is not right – and it must change,” said Amber Arellano, executive director of Ed Trust-Midwest, in a news release. “Most importantly, it can change.”

The report ranks Michigan in the bottom five states for student learning progress in fourth-grade reading and math over the last decade. And that problem is real for students of all races as the dip shows in Michigan’s student achievement rank has across ethnicities. It also counts Michigan as one of only six states in the nation to post negative student growth in some subjects, citing fourth-grade students that are learning at lower levels today than they did in 2003 in reading.

The report also stated that learning levels are similar in both Michigan’s charter school and public school sectors.

It goes on to highlight success stories in other states, such as Massachusetts, which ranked highly in several categories.

It also used Tennessee as a case study for success, with the state showing the nation’s highest improvement for student learning after struggling for years.

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The Education Trust-Midwest is a non-partisan research and policy organization dedicated to raising student learning for all Michigan students.

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