Hakala, Young, score table runs in Ishpeming

Ishpeming Men’s

Pool League

In week 2 tournament action, in the Upper Division winners’ bracket, Jack’s II thumped Jack’s I, 15-9; and Rumorz III beat Hickey’s I, 14-10.

In the losers’ bracket,Tilden Club whipped Jack’s III, 16-8; and Rumorz II handled Riverside Club, 14-10.

In the Lower Division winners’ bracket, Venice dumped Paradise, 14-10; and Rumorz I got past Wonder Bar, 16-13, in overtime.

In the losers’ bracket, Rainbow edged Wayside, 13-11; and Hickey’s II had the bye.

Mike Hakala and Phil Young of Rumorz III, as well as Scott Patrick of Rainbow, turned in table runs.

Marquette Women’s

Pool League

In results from week 26, Bayou nipped 3rd Base Bar II, 5-4; Buddie’s trimmed 3rd Base Bar I, 5-4; the DD Devils ripped Remie’s, 7-2; and Remie’s Roses bounced the DD Dames, 6-3.

Also, Pat’s downed Breakers II, 6-3; Breakers I slipped past Blue Lounge, 5-4; Nickel II edged Fatboyz I, 5-4; and Fatboyz II beat Nickel I, 6-3.


In week 28 results, Sturgis Saloon II hammered Gwinn Inn, 13-2; Jack’s Hideaway III trampled Happy Hour II, 12-3; Throttle dropped VFW, 11-4; Crossroads Bar dumped Happy Hour, 11-4; and Up North Lodge pounded Throttle II, 11-4.

In addition, Cascade Inn II drubbed Cascade Inn, 11-4; Cascade Inn III doubled up Jack’s Hideaway, 10-5; Jack’s Hideaway II defeated Sturgis Saloon, 10-5; and American Legion trimmed American Legion II, 8-7.

Brian Demars ran a table for a win.

Gwinn Women’s

Pool League

In week 25 results, VFW dumped Happy Hour II, 10-5; the Rowdies bounced Joker’s, 10-5; Full Throttle defeated the American Girls, 9-6; and Richmond Township toppled Happy Hour I, 10-5.

Also, Gwinn Inn stopped Throttle II, 9-6; Up North Lodge trimmed Sturgis Saloon, 9-6; and Cascade edged the HideAway Tribe, 8-7.