Spying is common

To the Journal editor:

Yesterday my 80-year-old father-in-law received one of those unwanted phone calls from his satellite provider.

Because he loves boxing and there has not been any good boxing matches on of late he has been watching mixed martial arts and kickboxing fights.

During the conversation the promoter said, “I see you have been watching a lot of kickboxing lately”. After admitting to such my father in law wondered how they knew.

I know how they knew (reading channel choices and times from his receiver) but I could not help getting very uncomfortable on why they should be able to know this.

When are we going to wake up and realize that everything you say over the phone, everything you watch, everything you go to on the internet is being saved, categorized, assimilated and acted upon by the government and private corporations?

When is enough, enough? The obtrusive, unwanted and unwarranted spying on your viewing, listening and personal habits are no business of any of them. Check out the new NSA spying center in Utah.

The government now has the ability and capability to hear and record every conversation over the phone and record every private email between citizens in the United States and some think everywhere in the world, if wanted!

Does that make you feel violated? How about this, did you know that every cop car that comes up to you and reads your license plate with it’s federally funded cameras now records that plate that is then used to tell other departments and private investigators where that plate has been in the U.S.?

In other words, they know that you were in Georgia last march or Detroit in February. Did you know that? Wake up and stop the madness.

Bob Masters