Trying to write it out of system

A satire of sorts, a precocious idiom, an oxymoron for you “morons” out there, or perhaps you’d rather I go with irony filled with coincidences. I drive over statements and go underestimated. While you may see a sea as “c,” I would go even further so as to say “si!”

This writing stuff? Yeah, it’s just a thing I do. Frankly, I think it’s a phase. Six years? Pfftt! That’s nothing. When I was 5, I thought I was going to be a ballerina, but I didn’t like dresses tutu much. To my dismay, that didn’t happen. Then, I thought for sure I was going to be a veterinarian. After that, I thought I could be a priest, until I found out that girls couldn’t really do that in the Roman Catholic Church – of which I am a member. Lastly, I wanted to be a teacher, but based on my obvious social skills (or, lack thereof), I don’t think that is gonna work out. EVER!

Six years ago I was in Miss. Enright’s (now Mrs. Nadeau’s) English class. We had to write different little sentences with vocabulary words we were learning, but unlike just doing some random “stand alones” like: The ominous wolf ran swiftly toward the horizon, I apparently wrote with a unique flare. I don’t really know what she was talking about. I don’t see that flare in anything I write. Do you? Of course not!

My parents were soon notified of this “talent” and the rest, as they say, has been “pant-wetting” scary! My fascination with the written word began soon after that and my obsession with writing had started. It was a way for me to communicate. Whatever emotion I was feeling, or things I was thinking about that I didn’t know or want to tell anyone verbally, I would say it with fiction. A dog that wanted to learn how to captain a boat, or a penguin that just wanted some friends; I could write it all.

I escalated from writing minor sentences to paragraphs, to pages, novellas, novels, “Encyclopedia B,” and so on.

Eventually I made the crossover from books to screenplays. Maybe it was the draw of dialogue, scene headings and action lines. Or maybe I just decided that books were lame and writing screenplays in a coffee shop would be a much better use of my time!

I started writing screenplays in the fifth grade. At first, they included little things such as mediocre conversations between characters, or maybe even a comedic fistfight that ends in both characters break dancing and yelling “beat that.” But, of course, as I matured, so did my stories. They’ve gotten bigger, my skills refined themselves, and the tales I write are dramatic, not comedic, but regardless of the content, that “unique flare” from earlier hopefully remains.

I keep on writing and … after many years … this urge just won’t go away! I don’t know why. If it stays for more than five years, if it lasts longer than most teenage romances … is it still just a phase?

I mean, I’m going to keep trying to get rid of this passion. I figure this is surely something I can write out of my system. But this is just getting ridiculous. Ugh! I might be here for a while.

Editor’s note: Theresa Hermann, 15, is a sophomore at Marquette Senior High School. She is a member of the 8-18 Media Senior Team and she plays trumpet in the high school band. In her spare time she likes to write and make movies. She is a daughter of James and Gail Hermann. 8-18 Media is a youth journalism program of the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. Through the program, teams of kids write news stories and commentaries on issues important to youth and about any good, or bad, things youth are up to. For more information call 906-226-7874